International Awareness & Involvement



"The mission of International Awareness & Involvement (IAI) is to promote and enhance global citizenship within our sisterhood by broadening the knowledge and understanding of other nations, increasing interest in international affairs, and developing a greater appreciation for different backgrounds and cultures.”

The Tucson Alumnae Chapter’s IAI committee's mission is to:

  1. promote internal and multi-cultural awareness,
  2. educate Deltas and the community about global issues and relevant topics, and
  3. support international and cultural organizations with their respective events.

This chapter focuses on creating community programs to offer aid, relief, and resources to developing nations. It also strives to promote local advocacy for addressing social injustices. The chapter proudly showcases its dedication to orchestrating positive change and fostering cultural awareness through both its past endeavors and upcoming initiatives.

Current Initiative: Lift Me Up Campaign

The "Lift Me Up" Campaign represents a fundraising initiative within the Farwest Region that primarily aims to support the Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre Elementary School in Haiti as part of the 2023 International Awareness and Involvement project. This endeavor seeks to provide crucial amenities for the students, including covered outdoor eating areas, handwashing facilities, and restrooms. We invite you to join us in supporting this regional effort, ensuring that the children of our future have access to fundamental necessities while pursuing their education.

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The IA&I committee collected pillowcases for donations, which were made into beautiful dresses for young girls in Africa.


The IA&I provided the Amani Children’s Choir with a place to stay for the night and breakfast in the morning before they departed to their next destination. The Amani Children’s Choir is made up of several orphans from Uganda. The group tours travels across America to raise money for their orphanage back home. The children are all between the ages of 5 to 17 years old.

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Past Initiatives: